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22 December 2010

Fegley’s Brew Works–Space Monkey 12oz


Here’s an exciting little tidbit from one of our local favorites.  Fegley’s Brew Works just received label approval today to package their Raspberry Saison Space Monkey in 12oz bottles.  This 7% ABV brew was preciously only available in 22oz corked-and-caged packaging so this should mean wider distribution for this great Saison.  Note that the new label also includes the new mobile-scan bar code that can be decoded by your smart phones.  Congratulations to Mike & Beau.  I’m excited to see more Space Monkey heading our way.

15 December 2010

Fegley’s Brew Works–New Beers !

BrewWorksLogoFrom Mike:

Allentown Brew Works:
Coming Thursday December 16th-   Lefty's India Brown Ale
Are you ready for this new brew?? Brewer Nick Micio (he's left-handed) has a wallop for ya!  Big, bold and bitter, this deep brown beer is our twist on the popular brown ale style. Brewed with more of everything, we added copious amounts of Citrus hops and dark malts to create a seductively complex brew that is sure to satisfy those craving a hoppy beer with a roasted, chocolate background.

Bethlehem Brew Works:
Coming Friday December 17th- Belgian Trippel
Brewer Lewis Thomas has come of our favorites coming back on tap! This one is a big (8.8%ABV),golden colored, light bodied Trippel with a touch of sweetness from Belgian Candi Sugar and yeast, nicely balanced with Czech Saaz hops.  Also, in the fermenters... he's got a Rauchbock ("The Roof is on Fire"), and "Stop,Hop,and Roll" (Bethlehem's "Hop'Solutely" counterpart- an East Coast style Double IPA).

Thursday, December 16th, 5pm
December 16th -  "Pawn Shop Porter"
An early Christmas gift from the Brewers at the Allentown Brew Works; an untouched, cask-conditioned version of their Pawn Shop Porter. Santa would be proud!

17 November 2010

Brew Works - Rude Elf’s Reserve Combo

RudeElfShirtFrom Mike:


Get your holiday shopping started right away!

Here’s a combo deal you don’t want to miss -
Get your beer lover a Rude Elf T-shirt and a
Six Pack of 12oz Rude Elf Reserve for only $29.95!
Plus the Brew Works will give you a bonus $5 BACK!*

Shirts are available in Sizes S-XXL in limited quantities
Available in 2 colors – ‘Pine” or ‘Beer Foam’
Double sided printing with Fegley’s Brew Works logo on back.

“Remember, Rude Elf’s Reserve Makes the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your naughty list!”

*bonus $5 coupon valid for any purchase from January 1st, 2011  to February 12th, 2011. Not redeemable for cash.

10 November 2010

New Beers from Brew Works

BrewWorksLogoJust thought I’d pass on some new brews coming out of Fegley’s Brew Works.  From Mike:


Apricot Coriander came out this past Saturday in Bethlehem. This refreshing fruit beer is brewed with heaps of apricots and just a dash of Coriander for an amazingly delicious flavor. Or go for the the newest bad boy in town...

Nemesis (1.068 O.G., 7.4% A.B.V.) is our Belgian style Porter that will demand your attention and require your obedience.  Its bold yet medium body stays true to the British Porter style, however, its citrus and coriander aromas lend an intriguing Belgian twist.  Available in Bethlehem!

Cask Night - Thusday 11/11 5pm-  “Stout Lovers Stout” - Our delicious Steelworker’s Stoutserved at a respectable  temperature, with nothing added… simple & pure cask conditioned stout, yum.

27 October 2010

News from Brew Works–Firkin Thursday

From Mike:

Join us Every Thursday as we tap a special, one-of-a-kind FIRKIN of Brew Works Beer
Every Thursday, 5:00pm at Bethlehem Brew Works. Once-a-month, that evening’s 100% of the firkin sales are donated to a local charity.
WHAT is a firkin ale? A firkin is a small keg, holds about 9 gallons or so of cask-conditioned, 50°F beer.
WHY a firkin ale? If you love beer then this is your chance to experience drinking a real ale! Open up your senses to the hop and malt flavors released by drinking a beer from a hand-drawn firkin served at a respectable temperature. Our brewers then work their magic to give each cask its own special character.
October 28th – “Hessian Trooper” Belgian Porter An evil blend of Belgian influence in an English style porter. Chocolately smooth with hints of sweet orange, deliciously wrong, muwahaha!

Allentown Brew Works:
Confirmed Breweries list keeps growing for the December 4th Craft Beer Festival:
Confirmed Breweries:
Weyerbacher Brewing Company, Easton, PA
Intercourse Brewing Company, Intercourse, PA
Stoudt’s Brewing Company, Adamstown, PA
Cricket Hill Brewing Company, Fairfield, NJ
Flying Fish Brewing Company, Cherry Hill, NJ
Lancanster Brewing Company, Lancaster, PA
Tröegs Brewing Company, Harrisburg, PA
Yard’s Brewing Company, Philadelphia, PA
Victory Brewing Company, Downingtown, PA
Duquesne Brewing Company, Pittshburgh, PA
Shock Top from Michelob Brewing, St. Louis, MO
Wild Blue from Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis, MO
Magic Hat Brewing Company, South Burlington, VT
Cricket Hill Brewing Company, Fairfield, NJ
Roy Pitz Brewing Company, Chambersburg, PA
Green Mountain Cidery, Middlebury, VT
Advance Sale Tickets at only $22! Until Oct 31st (or until this price level runs out).

Order online tickets here for advance sale pricing!
The sooner you order the better the deal…
A set number of tickets have been set up at different price levels that are available until they sell out, or until the date listed.
Tickets will be $35 day of the event.

Brew Works on the Green:

New list of US Microbrews coming next week - Stay Tuned!

20 October 2010

Brew Works Rude Elf’s Reserve – Nov 1st

Here’s a little teaser….Fegley’s Brew Works Rude Elf’s Reserve will be out on Nov 1st….and yep that’s just a few days away!

ABV 10.5% • IBU 25 • O.G. 1.100
Great American Beer Fest • Bronze Medal Winner • 2009
A Belgian style Holiday Ale with attitude!
Brewed with 2-row pale & caramel malts, dark Belgian Candi Sugar, & three Belgian yeast strains. Bottled conditioned for natural carbonation, this ruby colored ale is sure to warm you up on a chilly night.
Brewed with hints of Holiday spice – cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger & clove, hopped with German Tettnang hops.
Now available in 12oz bottles as well as the bottle-conditioned 25.4oz corked & caged size.
This aromatic Holiday Ale is ready to open this year, but a few ‘wise men’ may cellar it to discover it’s ‘true meaning.’
“Remember, Rude Elf’s Reserve Makes the Perfect Stocking Stuffer for everyone on your naughty list!”

Beer Advocate – Rude Elf’s Reserve
Rate Beer – Rude Elfs Reserve (BBW)
Media and Sales
Rude Elf’s Reserve Sell Sheet
History of the Rude Elf
This fabulous holiday ale was first developed and brewed in 1999 at the Bethlehem Brew Works under original head brewer (and co-owner) Jeff Fegley. The Fegley family thought it was appropriate to create a spiced beer to help us celebrate in the City of Bethlehem, which is considered “Christmas City, USA.” It was dubbed “Rudolph’s Reserve” because the recipe required a copious amount of malt that would result in a smaller, limited batch of beer. We proudly offered it on draft exclusively in our 250 seat brewpub in the historic downtown.

Ruldolf’s Reserve returned each year in limited batches as Jeff continued to develop the holiday recipe, and the release of the ale became a longed-for tradition by our regulars & the tourists that flock to our popular Christmas shopping district. In 2002, when the Reserve won the Silver medal in the World Beer Championships, the family decided to bottle a limited edition of the ale to celebrate the success of the brewpub. They turned to friend Dan Weirback, owner of Weyerbacher’s Brewing Co., the Easton craft brewery, and contract brewed an initial run of 250 cases of 12oz bottles.

For the original art for the beer label, we turned to another friend, R.C.Matteson of Dragon Studios, who says of his design, for the “highly regarded seasonal beer Rudolph’s Reserve, they wanted to emphasize it’s limited availability–Reserve–and how it is coveted by it’s fans, hence Santa sneaking a bottle from the wary Rudolph.” It was a great success and a quick sellout. Many a stocking was stuffed that year with bottle of the Reserve!

In 2003, we began the lengthy process of trade marking the name of our award-winning beer. Meanwhile, Jeff tweaked the recipe to produce a slightly drier (better) finish, and we contract brewed another batch of 500 cases to establish a seasonal tradition. The limited edition bottles began to sell out at a record pace, when suddenly well into the holiday season that year, the Brew Works received a ‘Cease & Desist’ letter from Classic Media, who claimed ownership of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. (Note: The concern does have a trademark on our favorite four hoofed hero – and Lassie & Frosty the Snowman as well!) After discussing it politely, we agreed to withdraw our application for registering the name and agreed to discontinue use of the moniker going forward. But despite losing the name, there was reason to celebrate again – the incident received national attention as the story was picked up by the Associated Press. We lifted our glasses in a toast as a now curious public drove sales and we watched the Reserve cases “…dash away, dash away, dash away all.”
Read the article: Rudolph’s ale brews up trademark dilemma, Tuesday, December 23, 2003, The Morning Call

In 2004, we conducted a ‘renaming contest’, which resulted in a winner of a new name – “Rude Elf’s Reserve,” and again hired Dragon Studios to design a new ‘Rudolf-free’ label. With further perfection, the Reserve was now a “Belgian style holiday spiced ale with attitude,” coming in at over 10% ABV, and the number of distributors that wanted to carry the ale continued to grow.  The Brew Works attempted to get the ale to the thirsty drinkers of NYC with American Beer Distributors, Inc., in August, 2005… but WHOA! Hold your horse-like antlered sleighpullers! The State of New York would not approve distribution of the Reserve because it’s label was ‘too appealing to children’(imagine what they would have thought of the version with Santa and you-know-who)! Once again, our story was picked up by the AP for national news. Soon, emails from around the country (even from Hawaii) were coming in asking how to taste the Rude Elf’s Reserve!
In 2006, under new Brewmaster Beau Baden, the brewery began milling whole grains (which further improved the quality of all the beers of the Brew Works) and the number of cases for Rude Elf’s Reserve continued to grow. With the opening of the Allentown Brew Works in 2007, the company began to experiment with bottling in house. For the  2008 season, Fegley’s Brew Works began packaging a 25.4oz(750ml) corked & caged bottle-conditioned version of the Rude Elf’s Reserve in addition to it’s limited draft offering at the restaurant locations.

The following year, at the largest beer competition of earth, Rude Elf’s Reserve garnered another prestigious award when it brought the Bronze Medal back to the Lehigh Valley from the Great American Beer Festival. 750 cases of Rude Elf’s Reserve was distributed throughout eastern Pennsylvania that season, but the increased demand resulted in an early sell out…
That brings us to this year!  With the introduction of our new 12oz bottling line, and building on the success that our seasonal beers have gained us (opening hundreds of thirsty accounts in PA and New Jersey) the Rude Elf’s Reserve has 1400 cases earmarked already for this year. The elves in our workshop are very busy, but just like Santa this ale comes once a year, and once its gone…    HO HO HO! Rude-elf-case-photo1-150x150

Our 12oz Bottles on the line:

09 September 2010

Micro Brew U @ Brew Works

From Mike:


So you’ve already been on our free brewery tour and still have a thirst for more beer knowledge?
Do you loooove microbrews, and can’t get enough?
Well you’ve got to get schooled! Come to the Brew Works on the Green’s Microbrew U!
On the 2nd Mondays of every month at 7pm, we’ll explore the better beers from our local region, from around the country, the world…and straight from our tanks!
In addition to the tastings, we’ll be bringing in brewers and other beer experts to Microbrew U!
And soon, you’ll be an expert too!
Upcoming Classes:
September 13th – Brew Works Brewer Nick Micio leads a tasting discussion on the glories of Sour Beers. SWEET!

ENROLL NOW! 484-223-2020

Cost for September? FREE. Yeah, tell the registrar! Tasting 5 sour beers (5oz samples). See you there!

02 September 2010

New Beer Releases @ Fegley’s Brew Works

BrewWorksLogo Bethlehem Brew Works - Released today, September 2

CH-47 Pale Ale  (1.047 O.G., 5.0% A.B.V)
This light copper, dry finishing American Pale Ale is an excellent addition to the Brew Works fleet of pale ales.  A hefty sling load weight of Chinook hops gives this beer its distinctive bite, Chinook and Cascade hops contribute to its almost citrus aroma.  A hopheads Delight

Bethlehem Brew Works - Coming Tuesday September 7
Cold Rolling Cream Ale (1.042 O.G., 4.2% A.B.V)
Crisp and refreshing straw colored ale with the characteristics found in most commercial lagers.  A refreshing brew to all the High Alcohol variants.  4.50/pint

27 July 2010

WILK Friday Beerbuzz – 23 July 2010 (Brew Works Alchemy Ale)

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 I know I overuse this sentence, but we really did have a great time on the Friday Beerbuzz today  First off we welcomed Scranton’s own Beau Baden, brewmaster for Allentown Brew Works, Bethlehem Brew Works and Brew Works on the Green in the Lehigh Valley area.  Beau not only brews some fantastic beers but a wide variety of beers AND some really special beers…and today we were lucky enough to sample one. BrewWorksAlchemyBottles

Back in 1852 Allsops Brewery in England brewed a beer called Allsops Arctic Ale and this beer was sent off with Sir Edwin Belcher in search of the northwest passage to the Canadian Arctic.  Fast forward to 2010 and Chris Bowen, Dick Gethin, and John Chay are working with Brew Works to commemorate the voyage and more importantly the beer.  Chris Dick & John are departing on a 2000-mile motorcycle ride on Sunday July 25th from Bethlehem, PA to the Canadian Arctic where they will use primitive brewing equipment to brew a batch of Arctic Ale based on the Allsop’s recipe.
So how does this all relate?  Well as it turns out our beer of the day is Arctic Alchemy, a brew that Beau and Chris Bowen brewed at Allentown Brew Works in commemoration of the 1852 Allsops Ale and the 2010 motorcycle ride.  Needless to say at 12% ABV this beer is big and flavorful like a classic English Barleywine, but rich like a classic olde ale.

Bethlehem Brew Works will be holding a special event this Sunday (July 25th) to send the riders off on their journey and release the Brew Works Arctic Alchemy beer.  Check out for details.  Also bottles will be released and sold only at the brewery….and take my word for it….this is a beer well worth seeking out.

This was a wonderful beer and a very fun visit by Beau Baden. 

All in all a very fun show and

once again I want to say t

hank you to Beau, John, Nancy (we missed you Nancy!), Joe & Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 

The Friday Beerbuzz…bringing good beers and good people together

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday Beerbuzz page by clicking HERE

14 July 2010

News from Fegley’s Brew Works

From Mike:

A New Pale Ale, the 900th batch at Bethlehem is in tanks ready to go, waiting for an open tank. It'll be nice to have a Pale Ale on tap again in the Christmas City.

In Allentown we've got the Strummin' Summer Blonde in the tanks fermenting for an August 6th release for the Martin on Main festival in Nazareth.

And..less than 2 weeks til the departure of the Arctic Alchemy riders!

07 July 2010

News from Fegley’s Brew Works

BrewWorksLogo From Mike:


Zomerbier is coming Thursday in Bethlehem! The #1 Brew Works beer for Musikfest is finally here. At 5% ABV, this Belgian style brew with Bitter orange peel, coriander & dark Belgian candi sugars is a light, refreshing, unfiltered summer treat!

Beau and the team brewed up an Imperial Pumpkin in the tanks...and it will be ready for the fall.

Thursday July 8th, will be the first tasting of Arctic Alchemy! Be a part of history as this historic beer is unveiled. Proceeds from the cask benefit the Arctic Alchemy Expedition. The full batch of this 12% Arctic Ale went into bottles yesterday to finish off the maturation stage, and will be unleashed to the public at the Arctic Alchemy Send-off.

17 June 2010

Chip the Beer Guy – Beau Baden

Five Questions: Brewmaster Brew.jpg It’s always fun hearing our local brewers on the radio.  Today Beau Baden brought up his Hefeweizen, Hop Explosion and his Raspberry Saison called Space Monkey (with 300lbs of raspberries)  to sample on the show.  For those that haven’t heard yet, Beau will be at the Backyard Ale House on Saturday (6/19) for a meet the brewer event and one of the beers he’ll be pouring is the Space Monkey.  Beau will also be pouring his Hefeweizen, Hop Explosion and the very rare sour Kreik Lambic (aged in Calif wine barrels for 18 months).  The event runs from 7PM to 9PM so be sure to stop by and say hi to Beau….and our best wishes to Jay…hope you feel better and sorry you missed the show…AND welcome to Lee…nice to hear you on the show and the Waldorf beer dinner sounds great…sorry I’ll be out of the country and miss it.  Cheers guys.

16 June 2010

Backyard Ale House – The Brew Works Meet The Brewer Night 6/19 w/Beau Baden

BrewWorksLogo Backyard Ale House will be hosting Brew Works brewer Beau Baden on Sat 6/19 from 7-9PM.  Beau will be pouring samples of Hefeweizen, Space Monkey (Raspberry Saison), Hop Explosion IPA, and Kriek Lambic so be sure to stop out an get a sample (or two).

02 June 2010

Space Monkey is Set Loose!

From Mike:

Space Monkey will be released on draft Thursday, June 3rd, at all Fegley's Brew Works locations.
Space Monkey is available in kegs and bottles at distributors. Ask for it your favorite establishment!

Formulated to rocket around your palate with a 21st century
complexity in flavor and aroma: hints of lemon and pepper
orbit around a raspberry tartness to guarantee a successful flight.
Bottle conditioned (corked & caged) for natural carbonation.
Space Monkey is ready for launch now, but may be cellared
for several years to allow for maturity and deep space nuances.
Our mission begins with Belgian Pilsener & wheat malts,
and a living Saison yeast strain fueled by 300 lbs of raspberries.

Also on draft at all 3 locations is the summer favorite:
(1.052 O.G., 5.2%ABV)
A classic German style wheat beer served unfiltered to preserve the fragrant aromas of clove and bananas.

26 May 2010

Brew Works – Charity Brewmaster’s Dinner for LLS

Charity Brewmaster’s Dinner for LLS

Executive Chef Jill Oman has stepped forward to create a fabulous four course experience that features the best of our sustainable foods! She’ll be pairing the evening with 8 great beers of Brewmaster Beau Baden.
The proceeds from the event will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) as part of Brew Works co-owner Jeff Fegley’s campaign for Man & Woman of the Year. Jeff has pledged to raise $20,000 this year in honor of our brother David, who passed away in 2006.
The event is sponsored by our dear friends and business associates at the Pocono Produce Company. This family owned purveyor of fine foods helps us in our search for the best sustainable foods by working directly with farmers, ranchers, and fishing cooperatives.

Limited ticket availability. $75.00 (includes tax & tip) per person. (Additional donations to LLS are most welcome).
Wednesday, June 2nd, 7pm-9pm
Purchase tickets here:
or call TRACI at 610-882-1300.
The menu will include:
All natural Muscovy Duck from Freebird. As it turns out, the best things in life really are free. Our Freebird™ chickens and duck are – they’re free of antibiotics and hormones. Free to wander in barns, without cages. And always fed a natural corn and soybean diet, free of animal byproducts. And you’ll have a free conscience, knowing that they were raised on sustain
able Pennsylvania family farms.
Pork from the farms of Good Nature Pork.™ Animals are raised with adherence to stringent humane treatment practices, the pigs are fed an all vegetarian diet to ensure healthy, natural muscle development, enhanced natural flavor, and superior animal health.
Luscious all natural steaks from the Cedar River Farms of Arizona, it is raised by family farmers and ranchers who share our commitment to a healthy environment and have mastered the practices of raising cattle in a low-stress environment while respecting the land and natural resources.
And we’ll also feature greens coming fresh from the farms of Little Peace Organic Produce in Jim Thorpe.
Get your tickets NOW!
or call TRACI at 610-882-1300.
Chef Jill Oman has released the menu!
All Sustainable Seafood Trilogy
Lobster Mousse, Fried Haddock, Grilled Scallop with saffron beer blanc and seaweed salad.
Freebird Duck Confit
All-natural Duck confit tossed with organic baby arugula, oven roasted local cherries, roasted pistachio encrusted goat cheese gratinee with a light vinaigrette.
All Natural Pork Mole
Wild mushroom encrusted all natural pork loin served with a local fresh corn and pepper tamale with mole sauce.
Local Rhubarb & Strawberry Creme Brulee
…with fresh whipped cream. mmmm.

Please support Jeff’s challenge by making a personal donation, and by passing this message on to others who will support the campaign as well. Please check with your employer to see if they have a matching gift program. You may have the ability to double your contribution simply by notifying me via email your company information or just include the company information in the mail with your personal check. There are two ways to donate. Donations must be received before June 12th, 2010.

12 May 2010

Allsopp’s Arctic Ale - Alchemy

Artic Alchemy Mike Fegley from Brew Works was nice enough to send me more info on a story I’ve been following.  Back in 1852 a British expedition lead by Sir Edward Belcher set out through the northwest passage to explore the arctic sea.  On board that ship were several hundred bottles of Allsopp’s Arctic Ale…a high hop 12% special ale.  Years later in 2007, an original bottle was sold for over a half-million dollars…which lead to an idea.

Beginning in July 2010,  Chris Bowen, Dick Gethin, and John Chay will set out from Bethlehel, PA on a 2000-mile motorcycle journey to the Canadian Arctic (Hudson/James Bay) where they will recreate and re-brew the original Arctic Ale using Allsopp’s original recipe, local resources and a portable brewery.  Along the way they will film the adventure, and they are even inviting others to join the ride as they visit breweries and historical locations along the way. 

Alchemy is in the tanks now at Brew Works…brewed by Beau Baden & Chris Bowen using the same recipe to we should actually be able to try this beer soon.  Stay tuned as we add more details and hopefully even follow along as they ride.  Cheers to an amazing idea.

Brew Works Beers of Summer & Tasts of Philly Beers

From Mike:

Machine Shop IPA at the Bethlehem Brew Works. Now on tap, a Belgian Style IPA- light copper with an assertive hop bitterness & citrus aroma with the added complexity of our Belgian yeast.

Stumbling Monk makes it's "sway" back to the Christmas City this Friday. Hobbling in for the weekend, this Belgian Style Brown Ale has a touch of cardamom seed, and is aged on wood for hints of vanilla and oak. This is one of the original seasonal beers of BBW coming from several years ago - way back in the 20th century.

05 May 2010

Coming Events @ Brew Works

From Mike:

Friday, May 28th, 2010, 7pm-10pm
We’re planning another spectacular time in the High Gravity Lounge of the Allentown Brew Works, 812 W Hamilton Street.

Another event Sooooo BIG that we have to keep it small!
“The Beers of Summer and Tastes of Philly,” with great sponsors like Original Philadelphia Cheesesteak Company and Amoroso’s Bakery. $30 advance tickets are available for purchase right here.

Jeff Fegley is hosting this charity fundraiser event for as part of his challenge for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Man and Woman of the Year campaign. The Man and Woman of the Year Campaign is a fundraising campaign to help raise money for the fight against blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma and melanoma. Leukemia is still the #1 killer of people under the age of 20, so please join Jeff today in his campaign because no gift is greater than the gift of life.
There will be a minimum of 34 selections at this festival, with summer samplings of:
12 Allentown Brew Works beers, 6 Bethlehem Brew Works beers, plus  Weyerbacher, Manayunk Brewing,  Yards Brewing Company, Victory Brewing, and the Philadelphia Brewing Company.
Some of the best beers in the Philly area are coming from our friends and local heroes from the Lehigh Valley Homebrewers with these keg selections:
Bob Piano & Scott Minnich – Double Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter and a Cider
Mike Manning – Octoberfest
Mike Kowalski – American Brown and an American Porter
Dave Barber – Schwarzbier
Paul Blayle - Saison
Kris Kwant – Belgian IPA
Curt Keck - Witbier
Rick Theiner - Oaked California Common
Tim Kerrigan & Honoree Wilson – Porter
And we only expect this thing to grow! Participation invitations have been sent out to several other regional craft breweries and homebrewing associations.
Come and experience a little Brotherly Love! We’ll have some soft pretzels, Tastykakes, and more!
Purchase online tickets now for your friends & colleagues, or call Wendie at 610-433-7777 x25 $30.00 Pre-Sale / $40.00 (if available) at the Door

29 April 2010

Bethlehem Brew Works – Double Brown Ale Release

From Mike:

Bethlehem Brew Works- It's new release time again! Beau Baden has taken the classic English style brown ale and modernized it for the craft beer aficionado.  "DBA"-A Double Brown Ale! This has a light hop bitterness with a deep chocolate and caramel flavor weighing in at 7% ABV. DBA is smooth and delicious. stop on in on Main Street in Downtown Historic Bethlehem

23 April 2010

New Beers @ Brew Works

From Mike:

Allentown Brew Works: Hop'Solutely is back on tap! The huge demand for this huge beer continues to keep the boys in the brewery VERY busy. We're glad to see this one pouring again!

Bethlehem Brew Works: CH-47 came on Tuesday to make the Christmas City hopheads smile! This IPA has a very loyal following so get in there and enjoy!

Brew Works on the Green: Loco Lime is quenching thirst out on the west end of town, and they'll be tasting some of the new Hop'Solutely batch when it arrives this Thursday!

13 April 2010

News from Brew Works

From Mike:

Allentown Brew Works:Espresso Stout is still pouring...but not for long. This dark and lovely brew with deep roasted coffee flavors has been a blessing through the icy months that are now behind us, but we don't know when we'll see another batch of this now that the world is blossoming into Spring. So while the evenings still carry a chill, chase it away with a bit of this!

Bethlehem Brew Works:Maibock will arrive Tuesday to herald the Spring in Bethlehem. A terrific example of this Spring bock style with big maltiness, a pale orange color, and 7.5% abv.

THURSDAY ALERT-- Monkey Wrench Saison goes on tap at all 3 Fegley's Brew Works! ABW, BBW, and the Brew Works on the Green at 3400 Tilghman Street

24 March 2010

New Releases This Week @ Fegley’s Brew Works

BrewWorksLogo From Mike:

At the Allentown Brew Works -
It's the triumphant return of Loco Lime! And starting Thursday you can find it on Hamilton Street!  Loco Lime is a light American style lager with smooth flavor & a hint of lime.  Pale straw color, but this is no big brewery ripoff - just a great session beer brewed to quench your thirst on a warm day.

At the Bethlehem Brew Works -
Smoke & Oak Release on Thursday!!!  What's Smoke & Oak?  It's an oak aged IPA that brings a mild smoke flavor with a hint of vanilla that comes from aging on oak.  This twist on the traditional IPA is brewed to 6%abv and hopped with English East Kent Golding hops for a subtle hop backing.

17 March 2010

Fegley’s Brew Works to Release Collide-O-Smoke & Pre-Prohibition Pilsener

BrewWorksLogo From Mike:

Our cask this Thursday (at the Bethlehem Brew Works March 18th) “Collide-o-smoke” – Brewer Lewis Thomas has got something up his sleeve here. He’s sneaking oak shards into the cask of a smoked IPA to add immense kaleidoscopic complexity to this cask creation.  On tap at 5pm!

Also on Tap Thursday at Bethlehem is the "Pre-Prohibition Pilsener." In anticipation for the celebration of the repeal of Prohibition (April 7) we are releasing this big pils:

Pre Prohibition Pilsener (1.075 O.G. 7.8% A.B.V.) Clean Crisp American Style Lager with a sweet malt flavor backed by a European hop aroma. This Pale lager hides it’s alcohol strength well and delivers an easy drinking link to the past.

In Allentown, at 812 Hamilton Street we'll also be releasing our new Double IPA this Thursday!

02 March 2010

Brew Works – Thursday Firkins

From Mike:

BrewWorksCaskDog Join us Every Thursday as we tap a special, one-of-a-kind FIRKIN of Brew Works Beer
Every Thursday, 5:00pm at Bethlehem Brew Works. Once-a-month, that evening’s 100% of the firkin sales are donated to a local charity.

WHAT is a firkin ale? A firkin is a small keg, holds about 9 gallons or so of cask-conditioned, 50°F beer.
WHY a firkin ale? If you love beer then this is your chance to experience drinking a real ale! Open up your senses to the hop and malt flavors released by drinking a beer from a hand-drawn firkin served at a respectable temperature. Our brewers then work their magic to give each cask its own special character.

Next Charity Cask Night: Thursday, March 4th, 5pm
The 3rd Annual “Firkin for Furkids”
March 4th at 5pm, Featuring…
“Hair O’the Dog ESB”

24 February 2010

Allentown Brew Works Cask Beer Festival

BrewWorksCask2010Mike just let me know about a Cask Beer event Allentown Brew Works will be holding on March 20th.  If you’ve never been to a cask beer festival, I’d highly recommend trying it out.  The beers are always exceptional and based on what I’m hearing the choices will be great.  Further details can be found HERE or by clicking on the event poster above..

17 February 2010

Bethlehem Brew Works – Hop Explosion

BrewWorksLogo From Mike @ Fegley’s Brew Works:

Hop heads - we've got some exciting news! Our Bethlehem brewery on Main Street has produced a batch of Hop Explosion (normally brewed in Allentown). This is the first time in two years that BBW regulars will get this Hamilton Street flagship on tap! It'll start flowing this Friday at 11am at 70 IBUs and 7%abv

13 February 2010 Welcomes Fegley's BrewWorks

Cheers and welcome to Allentown Brew Works, Bethlehem Brew Works and Brew Works On The officially participating with Welcome aboard Mike & Beau...the beer loving community Thanks you!

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