Currently on Tap @ Allentown Brew Works

Currently on Tap @ Bethlehem Brew Works

29 April 2010

Bethlehem Brew Works – Double Brown Ale Release

From Mike:

Bethlehem Brew Works- It's new release time again! Beau Baden has taken the classic English style brown ale and modernized it for the craft beer aficionado.  "DBA"-A Double Brown Ale! This has a light hop bitterness with a deep chocolate and caramel flavor weighing in at 7% ABV. DBA is smooth and delicious. stop on in on Main Street in Downtown Historic Bethlehem

23 April 2010

New Beers @ Brew Works

From Mike:

Allentown Brew Works: Hop'Solutely is back on tap! The huge demand for this huge beer continues to keep the boys in the brewery VERY busy. We're glad to see this one pouring again!

Bethlehem Brew Works: CH-47 came on Tuesday to make the Christmas City hopheads smile! This IPA has a very loyal following so get in there and enjoy!

Brew Works on the Green: Loco Lime is quenching thirst out on the west end of town, and they'll be tasting some of the new Hop'Solutely batch when it arrives this Thursday!

13 April 2010

News from Brew Works

From Mike:

Allentown Brew Works:Espresso Stout is still pouring...but not for long. This dark and lovely brew with deep roasted coffee flavors has been a blessing through the icy months that are now behind us, but we don't know when we'll see another batch of this now that the world is blossoming into Spring. So while the evenings still carry a chill, chase it away with a bit of this!

Bethlehem Brew Works:Maibock will arrive Tuesday to herald the Spring in Bethlehem. A terrific example of this Spring bock style with big maltiness, a pale orange color, and 7.5% abv.

THURSDAY ALERT-- Monkey Wrench Saison goes on tap at all 3 Fegley's Brew Works! ABW, BBW, and the Brew Works on the Green at 3400 Tilghman Street