Currently on Tap @ Allentown Brew Works

Currently on Tap @ Bethlehem Brew Works

09 September 2010

Micro Brew U @ Brew Works

From Mike:


So you’ve already been on our free brewery tour and still have a thirst for more beer knowledge?
Do you loooove microbrews, and can’t get enough?
Well you’ve got to get schooled! Come to the Brew Works on the Green’s Microbrew U!
On the 2nd Mondays of every month at 7pm, we’ll explore the better beers from our local region, from around the country, the world…and straight from our tanks!
In addition to the tastings, we’ll be bringing in brewers and other beer experts to Microbrew U!
And soon, you’ll be an expert too!
Upcoming Classes:
September 13th – Brew Works Brewer Nick Micio leads a tasting discussion on the glories of Sour Beers. SWEET!

ENROLL NOW! 484-223-2020

Cost for September? FREE. Yeah, tell the registrar! Tasting 5 sour beers (5oz samples). See you there!

02 September 2010

New Beer Releases @ Fegley’s Brew Works

BrewWorksLogo Bethlehem Brew Works - Released today, September 2

CH-47 Pale Ale  (1.047 O.G., 5.0% A.B.V)
This light copper, dry finishing American Pale Ale is an excellent addition to the Brew Works fleet of pale ales.  A hefty sling load weight of Chinook hops gives this beer its distinctive bite, Chinook and Cascade hops contribute to its almost citrus aroma.  A hopheads Delight

Bethlehem Brew Works - Coming Tuesday September 7
Cold Rolling Cream Ale (1.042 O.G., 4.2% A.B.V)
Crisp and refreshing straw colored ale with the characteristics found in most commercial lagers.  A refreshing brew to all the High Alcohol variants.  4.50/pint