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Currently on Tap @ Bethlehem Brew Works

02 September 2010

New Beer Releases @ Fegley’s Brew Works

BrewWorksLogo Bethlehem Brew Works - Released today, September 2

CH-47 Pale Ale  (1.047 O.G., 5.0% A.B.V)
This light copper, dry finishing American Pale Ale is an excellent addition to the Brew Works fleet of pale ales.  A hefty sling load weight of Chinook hops gives this beer its distinctive bite, Chinook and Cascade hops contribute to its almost citrus aroma.  A hopheads Delight

Bethlehem Brew Works - Coming Tuesday September 7
Cold Rolling Cream Ale (1.042 O.G., 4.2% A.B.V)
Crisp and refreshing straw colored ale with the characteristics found in most commercial lagers.  A refreshing brew to all the High Alcohol variants.  4.50/pint

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