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Currently on Tap @ Bethlehem Brew Works

10 November 2010

New Beers from Brew Works

BrewWorksLogoJust thought I’d pass on some new brews coming out of Fegley’s Brew Works.  From Mike:


Apricot Coriander came out this past Saturday in Bethlehem. This refreshing fruit beer is brewed with heaps of apricots and just a dash of Coriander for an amazingly delicious flavor. Or go for the the newest bad boy in town...

Nemesis (1.068 O.G., 7.4% A.B.V.) is our Belgian style Porter that will demand your attention and require your obedience.  Its bold yet medium body stays true to the British Porter style, however, its citrus and coriander aromas lend an intriguing Belgian twist.  Available in Bethlehem!

Cask Night - Thusday 11/11 5pm-  “Stout Lovers Stout” - Our delicious Steelworker’s Stoutserved at a respectable  temperature, with nothing added… simple & pure cask conditioned stout, yum.

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