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11 January 2011

Beer Updates & New Beer from Brew Works

FegleysSpaceMonkeyFrom Mike:

Space Monkey
Style:  Raspberry Saison Ale  -  ABV:  7%  -  IBUs:  25  -  OG: 1.070  -  Size: 7.93 gal, 750 ml, 12 fl oz

Space Monkey is formulated to rocket around your palate with a 21st century complexity in flavor and aroma: hints of lemon and pepper orbit around a raspberry tartness to guarantee a successful flight.
Our mission begins with Belgian Pilsner & wheat malts and a live Saison yeast strain fueled by 300 lbs of raspberries.
And the good news is that Space Monkey will be returning in March, 2011 with the new 12 oz bottles.
This great beer goes well with the following food pairings; Salads and Apéritifs; Poultry, Seafood & Shellfish entrees; Earthy cheeses (Camembert, Fontina); Nutty cheeses (Asiago, Colby, Parmesan)


“Dueling IPAs“.   Yes!  Fegley’s Brew Works has an internal IPA war going on - A Fegley’s interpretation of an East Coast vs West Coast IPA battle.  Here are the combatants…
Style:  West Coast Style Triple IPA  -  ABV:  11.5%  -  IBUs:  100+  -  OG: 1.100  -  Size: 7.93 gal, 750 ml, 12 fl oz

A heavenly, heavily hopped Triple IPA packed with Pacific Northwest hops. This brew has a “Hop’Solutely” intoxicating citrus aroma followed by a smooth malt backbone.  Brewed with two-row pale & caramel malts.  Ludicrously hopped with Cascade, CTZ, Amarillo, and Chinook hops, then dry hopped with loads more Amarillo and Chinook hops.
On the Hop’Solutely site we also learn that it is bottle conditioned for natural carbonation, corked & caged and it will “age gracefully over several years”.
It is NOW AVAILABLE in 12 oz bottles, which can be purchased in 4-packs.
Hop’Solutely is suggested with the following food pairings;  Sharp cheddar & pungent cheeses, oysters, grilled meats & perfect with a burger with bleu cheese & bacon.
Then we have…
Stop, Hop & Roll
Style:  East Coast Style Double IPA  -  ABV:  9%  -  IBUs:  80  -  OG: 1.086  -  Size: IN HOUSE DRAFT

Stop Hop and Roll is an aggressively hopped East Coast style IPA with a balanced malt flavor and assertive hop bitterness. Brewed with a large dose of citrus-y Cascade hops. This is truly a hophead’s fireside friend.
At this time, the only way you are going to get to try this brew out and cast your vote in this battle is to head out to the Bethlehem Brew Works location and grab a pint.
Which is your favorite?

“…well, that’s tough. They both are over the top mouth pleasing zingers. The Stop Hop & Roll has a broader bitterness that I must say that I found more appealing. But honestly there is so much that happens which each. You start out in a very similar place at the beginning, but each takes you into in different direction. The tough thing about dueling these two though, are the IBUs. They’re both so high that it’s like doing a taste test on 2 plates of hot wings that are “Crazy Hot” and “Insanely hot”! --Mike Fegley

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