Currently on Tap @ Allentown Brew Works

Currently on Tap @ Bethlehem Brew Works

03 May 2011

New Brews @ Brew Works

From Mike:
New at the Allentown Brew Works:

Duffer's Pale Ale is an American Style West Coast Pale Ale with a solid hop bitterness.  It has a distinctive piney and grapefruit flavor, and just a touch of malt presence to balance the flavors out.  At 5.2% ABV, it's an easy drinking beer that can't be missed.
In the Fermenters there's plenty of Blueberry Belch coming our way, plus Amber Lager to keep up with the demand at the Iron Pigs Stadium!

 At the Bethlehem Brew Works:

Our Belgian Blonde is a clear, crisp and clean finishing beer with hints of pine from the Czech Saaz hops and citrusy notes found in the Belgian yeast strain.  This crowd pleasing thirst quencher comes in at 4.7%ABV, so go ahead and have a few!
And coming for Cinco de Mayo this Thursday...maybe we can call it "Fünfter der Mai"because we're releasing this German style:  Maibock, (Mai meaning "May" and Bock meaning "goat" in German), is a 7.3% Spring style Bock with a toasty aroma, slightly sweet malt flavor and a crisp refreshing bitterness.  We have aged this brew at cold temperatures for several weeks to create a smooth, full bodied, traditional German lager. 

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