Currently on Tap @ Allentown Brew Works

Currently on Tap @ Bethlehem Brew Works

24 January 2012

Fegley’s Brew Works–3 Great Releases @ 3 Main Locations & Cask Beer Festival 3/31!

From Mike:
Brew Works on the Green  3400 Tilghman Street, Allentown
Our Belgian Blond (6% ABV) has an earthy nose that lends way to subtle yeast characteristics highlighted by a lemon-citrus sweetness, slight hop spiciness, and a dry, crisp finish.  

Bethlehem Brew Works 569 Main St Bethlehem
In Bethlehem, the Brew Works has decided to take our famous Steelgaarden Wit to new heights!  This Imperial Wit (8.1%ABV) has all the great citrusy, spice flavors and unfiltered characteristics you love but with a kick!  It will warm you up and make you forget about the cold for awhile.

Allentown Brew Works 812 W Hamilton St Allentown
And on Hamilton Street in Allentown, we released an Abbey-style ale that has roots in the beers of the Belgian Trappist Monks of Westmalle. A Belgian Dubbel (7.8%ABV) with mahogany color, medium body, and spicy floral nose are accented with flavors of raisin, molasses and caramel creating a smooth, rich beer that gains complexity as it rests.

Great Allentown Brew Works Cask Beer Festival 2012 March 31st

Cask Beer!

We’re planning another spectacular time in the High Gravity Lounge!

Brewmaster Beau Baden, and brewers Lewis & Josh are proud to host this special event with exclusive cask creations!

There will be a minimum of 23 beer selections at this festival, with samplings of:
Fourteen (14) Allentown Brew Works draft beers

2 Special Casks from brewer Lewis Thomas of Bethelehem Brew Works
2 Special Casks from brewer Josh Bushey of Allentown Brew Works
Yards Brewing
Flying Fish
Oskar Blues – First cask EVER to be tapped on the East Coast!
Weyerbacher Brewing
Hammersmith Ales - Award-winning brewer, Chris Bowen, will bring historic recipe casks!

Brewery offerings will surely grow over the next few weeks. Participation invitations have been sent out to several other regional craft breweries and homebrewing associations.


Tiered Ticket Pricing

A limited number of discounted tickets are available at escalating price tiers. For limited time periods, a set number of tickets are available at a savings to you. Once the time period ends OR the tickets are sold out at any tier, the next price tier goes on sale. SIMPLY PUT- the sooner you buy, the better the value!
100 Pre-Sale Tickets are available at $20 EXCLUSIVELY to Brew Works Mug Club members starting February 11th
Tier 1 – initial price of $20 available to the public starting February 18th

Tier 2 – price increases to $25 on February 25th

Tier 3 – price increases to $28 on March 3rd

Tier 4 – price increases to $30 on March 10th
Final Tier – price increases to $35 available starting March 31st
Designated Driver Tickets will also be available at $15 (includes admission, food, entertainment, and N/A beverages)