Currently on Tap @ Allentown Brew Works

Currently on Tap @ Bethlehem Brew Works

24 July 2012

Fegley’s Brew Works Arctic Alchemy Day 7/25


Exciting to see another release of Brew Works Arctic Alchemy.  We premiered the first batch with Beau Baden and we were honored to sample some of the beer Chris Bowen brought back from his motorcycle ride….so I’m very excited for this release.  Mark your calendars for 7/25!

19 July 2012

Fegley’s Brew Works – Pawnshop Porter


Here’s an exciting new 12oz bottle coming from our pal Beau Baden @ Fegley’s Brew Works called Pawnshop Porter.  This is a beer that Brew Works has had as a draft-only for years so it’s exciting to see this “diamond in the rough” coming to bottles for larger distribution….and of course I really like the artwork on this one.  As with all brew Works labels this does include a QR scan code for further details on the beer itself.

12 July 2012

Fegley’s Brew Works–Devil’s Hearth Coming Today


Great news from Mike……Fegley’s Brew Works Devil’s Hearth Belgian Pale Style strong ale is being released today at the brewery on tap.  Devil’s Hearth is a favorite among Brew Works fans, it comes in at 7.8% ABV and has a smooth and spicy finish….so get down to Brew Works and try this one for yourself.